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Improve search Engine ranking with help of Link Popularity

By: 100 Plus Cheap Web Hosting


Do you ever wonder why yours website is not among top ten search ranking for a particular keyword, while your competitor's is at the top? Both sites have similar content, layout and looks and feel, but one is among top ten and the other no ware in search results. Its all because of link popularity, that simply mean your competitor site is more popular then your and driving more traffic.

Link Popularity started with the Google but today, every major search engine fallow it. So what exactly this Link Popularity is?

Link Popularity mean, the number of sites that are linking to your site. When search engines like Google do search and determine rankings for a keyword, many factors are taken into consideration and one of them is Link popularity or how many sites are linked to your site. Google also look for quality and quantity of links, site with higher link popularity are consider important and would give higher ranking for a particular keyword. So, now you know why your competitor’s site is among top result and not yours.

 Here are few tips which help you improve your site’s link popularity and increase search engine ranking. 

  1. Get your site listed in human based web directory. Open Directory is good starting point because it’s free. Also try to list your site with Yahoo and Looksmart web directory. Getting listed in these directories will boost your link popularity and increase traffic.
  1. Content is King. The more popular websites or the ones with good link popularity are those that have valuable information or resource. With good content, nice layout and design, people will defiantly revisit, recommend, and link to your site. More links to your site means higher ranking in search engine.
  1.  Link exchange with other site. - Exchange links with the sites those have similar theme as yours. To start, you can go in the Open Web Directory and search for your category and see what sites are listed there. Look for the site that offer link exchange, select the site that you feel suitable for you, provide them a link and email a link exchange request to them.
  1. However, all of the above methods need resource and time consuming. The new sites are always at a disadvantage as older sites have been around a while and have acquired more links over the years. If yours is a new site or don’t have time and eagerly looking to enhance your link popularity, you can purchase links with popular site.


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