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Guide to Search Engine Submission

By: 100 Plus Cheap Web Hosting


Search engine and web directories are one of the most important ways to generate traffic. There are thousand of search engine, but only a limited number of them are likely to send you visitors. Google alone provide about 70% of the web search engine traffic. If you want to get most out of your search engine submission time, there are only following three category of place where your site need to be found. 

Crawling Search Engine:

Once you submit home your site to Crawler-based search engines, they automatically visit rest of the web pages of your site to compile their listings.  This means more pages of your site can be found in crawler-based search engine then human made web directories.


Google is the most important and biggest crawler-based search engine.  Google also powers AOL, iWon and Yahoo searches. The best way to get listed in Google is to build some good links to your website. Crawler follows the link and automatically indexes your site. If you are listed to one of the major directory described below, major crawler search engine like Google pick your site and list them.

You can submit your site from Add URL page to Google 


Inktomi is another very important crawler based search engine. Inktomi also powers MSN Search and HotBot. Unlike Google, Inktomi does not provide any free to Add URL Page. If you have good links to your site, chance are that Inktomi crawler will pick your site. 

You can submit your site through Paid Submission program to Inktomi. This service will cost you $39 per year. 


AllTheWeb or FAST is big another crawler based search engine. It power AllTheWeb and Lycos. You can either submit your site free from Add URL Page or paid submission service with Lycos (paid submission). The free site submission take 6 – 8 weeks to index your page while paid service take only 2 days. 

Add free to AllTheWeb/FAST - Add URL Page

Paid Service for AllTheWeb/Lycos – Paid Service – Cost $35 per year



AltaVista is also crawler-based search engine. It was recently bought by Overture. If you submit you site to AltaVista, you site might appear in overture search results. You can submit your site using free or paid service. Free service takes about 6 weeks to index your site and paid service take only 2 days. AltaVista's Express Inclusion service is priced at $39 for a 6-month subscription period. 

Submit your site to AltaVista 


Teoma is important crawler-based search engine because it powers the main of the results that appear at the popular Ask Jeevs Teoma has no free Add URL page, you can add to Teoma through Ask Jeevs Site Submission paid inclusion program. Paid program cost $30 for one-year period.


The Web Directories: 

Directories are search engines maintained and powered by human beings. Human editors review each and every site submitted to directory.  Getting listed with the following directories is very important, because they generate large amount of traffic. Directory normally adds one page (home page) per site. 

Open Directory 

Best news is submission to Open Directory is free. The Open Directory is a human edited, volunteer-built web directory. Many major search engines including Google uses search results from Open Directory. Open Directory is essential to any site owner. To submit, locate the category you want to be listed in. Then use the "add URL" link that appears at the top of the category page. 

Submit Site to Open Directory


Yahoo Directory is the most important. It now costs $299 a year to get a commercial site listed, and that's only if your site is good enough to be included. The first $299 is paid up-front, and they keep it even if they don't list your site. Non-commercial site are free. 

If you are paying to submit, you don't have to pick a category. Just go to Yahoo Express Submission Form below: 

If you are submitting for free to a non-commercial category, select the appropriate category, click on the "Suggest a Site" link that appears at the top right hand corner of category page. That will bring up a submission form. 


LookSmart is another important directory and provide search results to MSN. Look smart charges a one-time fee of $29 to review commercial sites. A non-commercial site can be submitted to Looksmart through Zeal , which is free. You'll need to sign-up as a Zeal member and have to take a test to submit a site to Zeal. 

Click on the following url to submit a commercial site to LookSmart 

Click on the url below to become Zeal member 


Paid Listing (PPC):  

This unique way to appear in the top results for the keywords you are interested in within a day. However, this fast and guaranteed way to appear in top results, comes a cost. Basically you bid on the keywords you wish to appear for and agree to pay a fixed amount each time someone clicks on your listing, that’s why this is also known as pay-per-click or PPC. 

Overture (GoTo) 

An account with Overture requires a $50 minimum deposit, and you must spend at least $20 per month. 

You can sign-up for Overture's paid listings via the following URL:


Google AdWords 

Google's self-service AdWords program charges a per click fee, similar to Overture. AdWords charges a $5 activation fee and 0.05 minimums bid per click. 

You can sign-up for Google's AdWords via the following URL 


  Copyright (c) 2003, All rights reserved

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